Tatamagouche Summer Free School

Friday, July 07, 2006

Two Differences

With the first TFS, the planning process was substantial. We didn't know what, exactly, we were getting ourselves in to, what it would cost, or if the farm could accomodate that many people.

This year, we've been a bit more laid back. All the necessary infrastructure is in place, promotion is taking care of itself by word of mouth, and having done it once before, we have a much better sense of what is involved.

As a result, our focus to date has been almost entirely on inviting folks to give sessions. So far, we've got some good ones, despite the fact that a lot of people seem to be away in August, as is their wont.

The other thing is that we're lowering the price to be closer to cost, and making an effort to be more accomodating of folks who don't have the cash to attend, so that the event better reflects the f-word in the title.

By most accounts, it sounds like this Free School is going to be well-attended.

This, despite our intentional limitation of promotion to word-of-mouth and word-of-email. We've focused mostly on rounding out the sessions to maintain a degree of diversity. (One thing we've been lamenting is the reticence of session leaders to tackle 'harder' 'academic' stuff, from a more theoretical tack.)

Welcome, at any rate, to the nascent TFS weblog. Make yourselves at home in the comments section.


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