Tatamagouche Summer Free School

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Good Governance

Here we are, the day before the free school. I just got here, but a lot of folks have been working on the many preparations for the free school. We had our first, uh, discussion, about the schedule and how best to prevent a problem we had last year: lopsided attendance of seminars, where some are extremely popular and others have very few attendees. In the end, we decided to encourage people to self-regulate to keep the attendance even.

We're expecting a lot more people than last year (where the highest number of attendees at one time was 50), so it will be interesting to see what kinds of new considerations arise.

For now, people are busy preparing for the four days of madness that begin tomorrow.

Hillary, updating the schedule:


Heather, chopping garlic:


Jason and Meghan, planning the menu for the next few days:


Kitchen bustle:


Yuill, making use of wireless internet and mosquito netting, working on his nanotechnology presentation outside:



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