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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Guest Post #3: Abigail Lapell

From Montréal's Abigail Lapell, currently on tour in the maritimes. Abigail will be giving a seminar entitled 'Performance, Gender and Musicality' and will be playing music in the hay loft during the weekend.

hello from sunny waldegrave farm, where i just arrived. it's amazing to be here, in a bit of a meet + greet -induced daze but enjoying the warmly bustling energy, bucolic surroundings, promising smells from the kitchen.

the technical term for all this i think is "good vibes".

so yes: meeting, greeting, registering, chatting, starting to look at schedules and things, generally getting psyched.... this is what i was doing when i was whisked off to interface with The Blog.

immediate plans include: more of same, tour premises, go check out movie (which apparently starts NOW, so i'll keep it brief).

i'm wicked excited to be here.

i don't know how to sum up what i'm hoping to get from the weekend; pretty much everything about the idea of a free school interests me. a fact i like a lot is that some languages use the same verb for 'teach' and 'learn'. most institutions i know of -- the university i attend, and schools that i've worked at -- certainly don't. so that's part of what brought me here.

also it's beautiful. and i hear there's a lake nearby. and a rock show later.

gotta run.


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