Tatamagouche Summer Free School

Friday, August 18, 2006

Discussion: Free School, the next five years

The following summary by Vanessa Reid:


Sitting in circle on haystack seats, on a sunny sunny tatamagouche day we gathered this first morning to discuss and discover the vision, challenges and possibilities for this beautiful Place.

Some of our guiding questions and thoughts...

With endless potential and in a moment of new growth, how do we stay focused on our integrity and purpose? How can we connect to other learning models both living and gone, from near and far, to exchange knowledge and experience, and be in on-going relationship? Explore the ways we can capture the energy and activity of freeschool towards social action and change in our local community. Possible forms, structures and formats throughout the year utilize the place and space as a learning tool and focus invite the dynamism and hospitality of our neighbours as an integral part of, and with an important role in, freeschool. Ways to expand and invite diversity of age, background, experience into every aspect of our vision

In our final check out, we thought to create a space in our next 2 mornings to move this discussion into real and tangible offerings for Freeschool.

May the Circle be Unbroken,





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